Gaining Momentum (Jan. 2)

03 Jan

Sunday was exciting. Talked J into joining the gym with me. So not only do I get to get in shape with up until now unused membership, but I have a partner to egg me on and keep me honest. Plus he gets to get in shape too! I felt much less sore than expected from snowshoeing Saturday, and talked about some changes I want to make to my diet and in going to the gym. J was completely on board. He’s out of shape too, and misses being active. He hasn’t been active since our car accident 2 years ago and we’re both ready to get back on the treadmill, so to speak!

Did lots of food shopping for essentials, lots of stuff for salads and asian meals (fresh rice vermicelli summer rolls). Got stuff for Mieng Kahm, which is yummy mostly raw fresh ingredients to clean out your system (ginger, lime slices, peanut, coconut, onion, thai chilis, these special asian lalot leaves and sauce). Having roast chicken (very little added fat), and with the left overs, will make chicken tacos this week. Have shrimp for shrimp salad dinners, and will do veggie burgers at some point. J may even make me vietnamese bun for lunch, the cold rice vermicelli noodles with chopped fresh cukes, carrots, lettuce, bean sprouts, peanuts, and with a sweet fish sauce to pour over it. Decadent!

Accomplishments: Went to the gym for the first time in a l-o-n-g long while. Did 75 minutes of cardio, about 600 calories, if the machine counters are correct. 45 minutes on the elliptical, 30 on the treadmill. Tried to do some jogging, a few minutes at speed 4.5 at a time, but couldn’t maintain it for more than 3 minutes at a time due to fatigue and muscle soreness (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!), so mostly walked and kept my heart rate up. My foot was cramping and my knee was pretty sore, so I just watched Iron Chef while sticking on it until I got too hungry and too sore to continue. Told J and he was ravenously jealous. I foresee us going to the gym on Sundays at 7 pm to be in front of the tv for an hour, since we don’t have tv at home and it is for both of us our favorite show!

Food: Did very well. No bad food at Costco despite being incredibly hungry, just grapefruit, coffee, 1/2 a cliff bar (left over from Sat), a deli sliced chicken sandwich with lettuce and avo, and lots of mieng kham, chicken, and some tater tots because J cooked and he felt like having them. It’s his comfort food, carbs fried and baked in the oven. I have to break that habit of his and make him think of vegetables at the start of the meal, not when everything else is on the plate!!!

Bad: put a 1/3 tsp of sugar on my grapefruit (can never eat it straight), half and half in my coffee (tomorrow will be the last day as it runs out then), and a shot of tequila. The alcohol was smooth and scrumptious and made me sick after (since I had it shortly after getting back from the gym). I had wanted to try it as it was a gift from a coworker, but I will save it for non post-gym days. Ugh. My body did not like it afterwards!

Coming Up: Oh, and I signed up for the body sculpt bar class starting next week at 24 hr fitness. It’s the intro class, so should be good. It will kick my butt. In a very major way. I’m a little scared and self-conscious how out of shape I will be. I don’t like not being fit. Hope I can physically do it, still have some lingering soft-tissue issues from my accident on my low back and shoulders.

Planning on making tons of healthy things for food this week. Planning on having an egg, a whole wheat english muffin (with a tsp of butter), and some fruit for breakfast, sliced apples with lemon juice for a snack, oatmeal packets for snacks, and a good lunch. A kashi bar in the afternoon before I go home to curb hunger.

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