New Year, New Start

02 Jan

I hate that this is occurring on the first of the year. It makes this sound like a new year’s resolution, which it is not! My timing is bad, but what is, is.

I’m doing this blog more as a journal to keep track of my accomplishments, my journey, and my trials/tribulations during my healthy lifestyle change, for I know I will have them!

Today’s accomplishment: went snowshoeing for the second time on Mt. Rainier in my brand new xmas snowshoes (thanks J!) with a girlfriend. Spent about 4-4 1/2 hours on 2 different treks. Didn’t feel like I seriously exerted myself, but feel sore, and muscles are tired. I guess it did something!

Food: high-calorie morning coffee, 2 roast chicken coldcut sandwiches on baguette, with tons of lettuce, and avocado (no mayo!). 2 cliff mojo bars, a subway 6″ sandwich (ham, veggies, mustard, avo), then still hungry when I got home, so 1 boiled potato + butter, and a side of red cabbage cooked in stock and vinegar (very little oil). 1 linder chocolate ball.

Decisions: A few days ago decided, due to my big budget buster of having to replace the clutch on my truck, and being $1200 in the hole, that I’d do some austerity measures for the next 2 months. No $4 mochas, no bottles of wine when shopping during the week. No alcohol will be cheaper and healthier.  Today when talking to my friend S on the hike, after a discussion of her having seen Super Size Me last night, we decided “no more McDonald’s!” To her, that meant no McDonald type food. To me, that meant no fast food. I decided to stop going (not that I go that often, but now I just *won’t*!). I also decided, that if I am gonig to be serious about weight loss, I need to cut out empty calories. So I also decided no more soda. I can see maybe getting a diet if I’m desperate, but no regular sodas. Just water, tea, sparkling water. That’s it. Though I may break down and have alcohol occasionally. We shall see.

Current weight, er I should say, STARTING weight: between 220-225.

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